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Concrete Countertops

Cohills Pro Series® Countertop Mix

An economical and versatile building material. Almost any shape or surface can be formed and can be integrally colored with Cohills Pro Series® EZ Paks,Cohills Pro Series® Chemical stain or polished depending on individual desires.
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Cohills Pro Series® E-Z Pak Overlay and Countertop

Cohills Pro Series® E-Z Paks are a pre-measured amount of integral color to be added to Cohills Pro Series® Counter Top Mix, Cohills Pro Series® New Canvas, Cohills Pro Series® EZ Stamp Mix and Cohills Pro Series® EZ-Deck
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Fritz Pack

This Concrete Finish improves finishing characteristics without adding water for re-tempering. It “brings up the butter” to help the finishing of concrete and produces a high quality durable surface.
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An additive which acts as a water reducer to reduce cracking and makes concrete more flowable for easy placement.
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Z Countertop Forms

Simply placed on ½” backer board and screwed down. The corners are easily mitered with a common miter saw. After the concrete has been poured and cured the forms are snapped off to reveal a perfect edge. Available by special order please call for more information
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