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Sealers, Epoxies & Urethanes

Cohills Pro Series® Clear Seal HS

The glossy finish of this sealer brightens the natural coloration of aggregates, colored concrete, stained concrete and more, enhancing the architectural esthetic qualities with a lustrous seal. It may be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Available in Gallon size and 5 Gallon size
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Cohills Pro Series® WB Sealer – Gloss/Flat

An ideal choice for interior and exterior projects. Applications include, but not limited to: Colored Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Curbing, Brick, Stucco, Block, Mortar, Pavers and most other cementitious material.
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Cohills Pro Series® DC-100

A colored pool deck coating that can be used on both new and existing pool decks.
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Cohills Pro Series® SB Tint Pak

A color tint designed for use with solvent based topcoats such as Cohills Pro Series® Clear Seal HS Sealer and Cohills® 4500 Urethane Top Coat.
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WR Meadows Arizona Seal

A clear acrylic polymer solution that dries to a transparent film. When properly applied will produce a glossy, wet look appearance enhancing the look of exposed aggregate concrete. Available in store only. Call for more information
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