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Decorative Concrete Overlays & Resurfacers

Cohills Pro Series® New Canvas (white/gray)

Used to resurface concrete that is worn, pitted or spalled, virtually creating a “new canvas” to apply your choice of stain or retain the look of natural concrete.
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Cohills Pro Series® EZ Stamp

A stampable overlay forming a thin, cementitious coating suitable for stamping or texturing. It may be used to restore or revive old worn out concrete.
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Cohills Pro Series® EZ Deck

A single component poly modified cementitious material which may be sprayed to create a multitude of decorative finishes. It may be colored stained, painted or sealed with a variety of Cohills® products.
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Cohills Pro Series® EZ Paks

A pre-measured amount of iron oxide pigments designed for Cohills Pro Series® EZ Deck, Cohills Pro Series® EZ Stamp, Cohills Pro Series® New Canvas and Cohills Pro Series® Counter Top Mix.
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Squeegee Mix

A pre-blended mix of Portland cements and silica sand that can be mixed with modified polymers in order to make your own micro-top resurfacer. Available in Light Gray or White.
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