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Cohills Pro Series® Super Deck Prep

Quickly penetrates and dissolves lime deposits, mortar, scale, rust, algae stains and mineral sediments. SDP is the safe substitute for muriatic acid.
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Cohills Pro Series® Citra Peel

Used to strip off old acrylic sealer where ground in soil makes the area look dingy. It can also be used to remove the sealer where color change is desired.
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Cohills Pro Series® Citra Pro

Water based degreaser and cleaner for use on all surfaces. It can be used to clean metal parts, greasy surface of floors, counters, equipment and all industrial applications where required. .
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Cohills Pro Series® Final Finish

High gloss, non-yellowing and non-toxic acrylic floor finish for use on all types of sealed floors to improve appearance and decrease maintenance costs.
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Soy Gel

For easy removal of: Lead-based Paint, Latex, Enamel, Varnish Urethane And Polyurethane
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