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In 1983, Mike and Karen Cohill purchased Building Specialties, a then existing 33 year old business. At that time, the primary products being sold were integral color, color hardener, and water-proofing products. Although Cohills has expanded our product line quite extensively over the past 37 years, our primary specialty is still decorative concrete products.

Cohills sells over two million pounds of color per year. We would like to think that through our efforts, Arizona has become color savvy. Through excellent customer relations, excellent purchasing strategy and selling only the highest quality materials we have become well known in the industry.

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Cohills Building Specialties is the leading supplier of decorative concrete products in the southwest! With over 35 years in the business!



We are the leading supplier of decorative concrete products in the Southwest.



Our products enhance and create an unique home atmosphere.


Unique Look

Our stamped colored concrete creates a high-end look and appeal.


Color Effects

It is easier than ever to add translucent color effects to your concrete projects.

Unique Custom Looks

Many years ago we realized that in order to sell color, the contractor needed to know how and what to do with it. We offer free monthly demonstrations on the different techniques of stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, overlay systems and epoxy systems. With this knowledge the concrete contractor has a variety of options to offer their customers.

Cohills has always made our own concrete sample chips using local cements which allows a more accurate result of what the finished product could look like. Color chips, color charts, and small amounts of pigment for sample pours are available to our customers at no additional charge.

Meet Our Team

Who Is Behind Us

Mike Cohill

President and CEO

Mike originally bought the business in 1983 and is still actively involved in the business. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of concrete.

Tim Cohill

Vice President

Tim is head of the R&D department. He has developed many products for our company namely our most popular product line of Metallics. He has experience and the knowledge to assist customers in the sales dept.

Cole Lafevers

Cole is one of our valued sales people. His product expertise and hands on training is a great asset to assist our customers.

Dave Frasca

Dave is a long time valued sales person with more than 28 years in the industry. He has proven to be extremely beneficial in assisting our customers needs.

Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim is appreciated for his 37 years of knowledge in the concrete industry. His long time experience has been a huge asset to our company.

Brett Lafevers

Brett is our incredible outside national salesperson. He has been instrumental in increasing our customer base and setting up distributors throughout Arizona, the Southwest, and Canada.

Levy Santos

Levy began working with Cohills as a truck driver. He learned our product line very quickly and moved to sales. He is fluent in Spanish which is a tremendous help at the sales counter.

Karen Cohill

Karen is part owner, Corporate Secretary, and CEO for the company. She has worked in every aspect of the business for the last 37 years.

Shelley Cohill- Lafevers

Shelley is the Corporate Treasurer and Accounts Payable Manager. She is responsible for payables, payroll, and many other accounting functions.

Jennifer Cohill

Jennifer is the HR and A/R Manager. Among many other duties she is key to every aspect in the company. She oversees every position in the company.

Peggy Evans

Peggy is the Assistant A/R Manager. She is responsible for processing the daily sales, generating invoices, and assists in many areas of the back office duties.

Kaitlyn Cohill

Kaitlyn is in the sales department and handles the metallic orders. She efficiently keeps track of all of the inventory. She is great with all sides of customer relations.

Kaleigh Lafevers

Kaleigh is in the sale department and is a huge asset in assisting customers. She is a quick protege in learning our product line.

Lin Evans

Lin is of great value to the company. She keeps track of the files and her attention to detail is most effective.

Rebecca Carbajal

Rebecca is a fantastic lady who helps keep the office tidy.

Our wonderful warehouse staff includes: German Vargas, Raul Mirelis, Jose (Chappy) Luis, David Gonzalez, Francisco Lopez, Hector (Javier) Carrillo, Oscar Ayala, Pedro Badilla, and Kevin Zamora. All of their hard work and dedication is appreciated by Cohills.

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