About Cohills

Our Company

In 1983, Mike & Karen Cohill purchased Building Specialties, a then existing 33 year old business, from Mr. Bill Morris. At that time, the primary products that were being sold by Building Specialties was integral color, color hardener and water-proofing products. Although Cohills has expanded our product line quite extensively over the past 35 years, our primary specialty is still decorative concrete products.

Through good customer relations, excellent purchasing strategy, and by selling only the highest quality materials have we become so successful. At present, Cohills sells over two million pounds of color a year. We would like to think that through our efforts, Arizona has become color “savvy” and that “We Color Your World. ” Several years ago, we realized that in order to sell color, the contractor needed to know how and what to do with it. By giving free bi-weekly demonstrations on the different techniques of stamped concrete, acid stain concrete, overlay systems and epoxy systems, we have been able to help our customers with future sales. With this knowledge, the concrete contractor has a variety of options to offer their customers. Cohills has always made our own concrete sample chips using local cements which gives a more accurate result of what the finished product will look like. Color chips, color cards and small amounts of pigment for sample pours are provided to our customers at a nominal charge.

Sales and Research & Development Staff
When it comes to expert advice on colored concrete, you’re getting it from the best! With over thirty five years of knowledge and experience, Mike Cohill, President & CEO, is available to answer all of your questions. Nineteen years ago the construction boom warranted us to hire an outside salesman, Brett LaFevers. Brett’s friendly, outgoing nature has been instrumental in increasing our customer base as well as setting up Distributors throughout Arizona, the Southwest and Canada. Another huge asset is Tim Cohill, Vice President, and is also part of the sales staff. Tim also has the insight as to how Cohills can further assist our customers and increase product knowledge and awareness but most importantly heads up the research and development for new innovated products. Jim Fitzpatrick works sales and purchasing and has thirty five years of knowledge of all products related to the concrete industry. In November of 2005, Cole LaFevers joined our sales team. His product expertise and hands on training is very helpful to our customers. Dave Frasca has twenty six years in the industry and has proven to be extremely beneficial in assisting our customer needs. Dave conducts the product demonstrations in our training room, which is located in our main office. The demonstration schedule is posted under our "News" section. Levy Santos began working with Cohills in August 2015 as our truck driver. He has since worked his way to our sales department in January 2018 by gaining knowledge of our extensive product line. He is fluent in Spanish which is a tremendous help at our sales counter.

Office Staff
Our office staff consists of Karen Cohill, Shelley Cohill-LaFevers, Jennifer Cohill, Linda Evans, Jen Micatrotto and Peggy Evans. Karen Cohill, part owner, is the Corporate Secretary & CFO for the company. She has worked in every aspect of the business for the last thirty five years. Shelley Cohill-LaFevers is the Corporate Treasurer and Office Manager overseeing the accounting department. She has worked for Cohills since 1986 and has complete product knowledge, allowing her job to overflow into the sales department whenever necessary. Jennifer Cohill has been with us since 1995 and has proved to be indispensable. She assists Shelley in every capacity necessary to efficiently manage the office. Jennifer also has extensive product knowledge and can extend a hand in the sales office whenever she is needed. Linda is our “Gal Friday” who no one can do without. She started working for us part time, during the summer of 1999, and we haven’t let her go since. Jen Micatrotto joined Cohills in 2003. She works on all of Cohills advertising, product brochures and binders. She expertly deals with all aspects of customer relations. She has been an asset to the sales staff by acquiring extensive knowledge of the Cohills product line. Peggy Evans joined Cohills in 2005 with our accounting department. Among other duties she is responsible for processing the daily sales order and generating invoices. She also assists in sales when needed.

Warehouse Staff
Our incredible warehouse staff includes: Gonazalo Olvera-Cruz, German Vargas, Raul Mirelis, Jose Luis, David Gonzalez, Francisco Lopez, Raymundo Ponce and Hector Carrillo. All of their hard work and dedication is a great asset to Cohills.

Looking ahead to the future is difficult at times when you’re so busy in the moment, but for us the future seems bright. We feel that if we can keep doing what we’ve been doing with a positive attitude, the business will continue to grow. It always has been and always will be our primary goal…the customers come first and whatever it takes to make the customers happy, we’ll do it. We know our customers can go anywhere and get concrete products, maybe cheaper, maybe not. Our hope and goal is that you will continue to come to Cohills because we offer the BEST service that money can buy.